Spring/Summer 2017 "Rebirth" Collection

Artist Statement.
This season's collection was inspired by the idea of a spiritual "Rebirth". This concept means different things to different people depending on one's personal experience with culture, geography and religion. Through my personal lens, I was feeling a desire to release the sense of fulfillment I thought I was receiving from material attachments in favor of the deepening of spiritual knowledge and true fulfillment. This process involves the balance of both letting go and seeking more. I have experienced this physically in my yoga practice by the understanding of effort and release, in my spiritual life by abandoning judgement and embracing love, and mentally in the understanding of the things I can and can not control. The irony of creating a material good while working through this concept was not lost on me, so I intended to approach my design in the way of working with clean, modern, airy designs that would lend themselves to a minimalist lifestyle. I then incorporated eastern influences of design including origami inspired folds, the concept of wrapping and the expression of ethereal sleeves. As a color study, I choose burnt orange which is a color that I personally associate with spirituality for many reasons. While researching, my design process referenced a spectrum of ancient spiritual  philosophies including my religion of Christianity. I very much believe that spirituality should be an integral part of modern, technological, global existence in order to inform our intuition, understanding and knowledge and surpass the planes of reality in which we physically and mentally exist.
- Molly Maureen Worth, Designer


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