Spring/Summer 2018 "MOTHER" COLLECTION

Artist Statement.
The "Mother" collection was very personal to me. I felt very attuned to the women around me becoming mothers in ways that were both progressive and reminiscent of simpler times simultaneously. I thought about my mother having young children in the 70s and 80s and how so much has changed socially since then, yet the essence of motherhood is quite the same. I feel that being a mother is often undervalued in our society now as things move faster and we value superficial things more and more. In my contemplation of this I felt a draw to our ultimate mother, our earth, as I felt a need for the simplicity and comfort that we can find in her. I think that the role of a mother is more inclusive than the parent of a child, mothers can be explorers, artists, friends and an infinite combination of various roles and attributes that can inspire and shape those around them. It is the desire to be present, to love, to nurture, something we need more of in our world. This collection is my tribute to that ideal. I chose earthy shades of pink, orange, brown and green that felt warm and feminine and silhouettes that are effortless and easy to wear but elevated from the normal day-to-day. I hope this collection makes all women feel attuned to their inner "mother". 
- Molly Maureen Worth, Designer


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