Spring/Summer 2016 "Riviera" Collection

Artist Statement.
"Riviera" is a concept quite literally inspired by the French Riviera as I was feeling a sense of longing for travel to the region. I have always had an affinity for French culture but I have felt called to it much more so as of late. I am totally enchanted by the effortlessness of French women expresses through their natural beauty and impeccable style. I wanted to create a collection that spoke to the storyline of a French woman living day to day life. Running to the market, reading at home, drinking tea, simple pleasures that can be made lovely and wonderful by being fully present. I think that Europeans have a way of savoring these simple things that we American's often do not take the time to savor. Im reminded of something the Dutch call " Hygge", which as I understand it can be created in anything at all in day to day life that you choose to find pleasure in. My effort in designing this season is to express that concept through simple garments that are easy to throw on and require very little in the way of styling. Designs that are clean, airy, simple and feminine.
- Molly Maureen, Designer


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